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The Faire is here, let's turn all Fairy on a Medieval air!

Hey my lovelies!!! The Faire is here, and along with a lots of fabulous stuff as well for your person than for your home and land! Come on and join us into the wild party with tournaments, horses races, game swords, shopping, live performers, DJ's!!!

Once upon a time, in this fantastic Middle age, where the Magic was a whole part of this world, was living a Lady. Her appearance was changing so often that villagers were unable to recognize her when they were meeting her. The only thing which was immuable, was her kindness. No matter if she was looking like the worst witch, or if she was as beautiful as an Astre, she only was Love and Peace towards the inhabitants. The place she was living, seemed to be covered with Magic... Two huge Statues were surplombing the Entrance.. Two Aqua light Markers were showing the way towards two tunnels of flowers... When you were walking through one of them, you could be almost sure that you would meet one faery or maybe two.. They were the guardians of her Havre of peace. After you had walked along these tunnels, the light of some Elven's Lamps would offer you a magical view: a little garden made of four trees offering a marvellous blue fantasm... A bench where you could take a rest after a long walk... Two other huge trees were carefully watching over this little piece of Heaven.. Two incredibles couples of statues were surrounded by a magical tornado of water, which were rolling up towards the skies... Only on some really rares occasions, you might have the chance to meet Lady... A legend wanted her to be the daughter of a Dragon Prince.. Dragons were known, only by a very small communauty,  across the middle age to be the World's healers. And so on, many in the region were thinking she was here to help and heal them.Some seats and tables, with tea pots were standing under the huge trees like if they just were awaiting for some hosts. This day here, chance, hasard, Magic... I don't really know what it was, but, she was there. The dress that was covering her made was made of an amazing taffetas in a light mint colors, with a slight touch of purple on the Liseret of the skirt.. The straight bustier covering her chest was sparkling slightly under some lights... From her eyes, were flowing in the most magical way some tears within a transparent purple, representing two dragons in flight... Unless that I was drunk on this day, that's how I thought they looked like... Her hair was tight in a savant bun, dressed with a silver comb, planted in some strands hair, surmounted by some little gems in a blue/mint color. Her two big green eyes were drawn with an under-liner glittering with a soft purple shadow, assorted to her pulpous lips.. Two roses seemed to be branded into the skin of her cheeks. A fine silvery chain was descending from her thin neck, plunging into her light neckline, where a flower, which seemed to be made of soft porcelain of a light green, ended the jewel. A tiny purple gem was giving a final touch to her face when posed on the nose. Her forearms were painted with a faded black tattoo, strips more or less wide.. Some gems, unless that were some diamonds seemed to be encrusted in her skin, over the tattoo. At her wrists, were sparkling two silvery bracelets with three flowers each, which without doubt were of the same tones of the dress and make up. Some rings were ending the gracious hands.. At least... for the right hand. The fingers of the left, were covered of a magnificent silvery armor encrusted of purple gems... Her apparition was simply as magical as this place... Come by here, maybe you will be as lucky as I have been...

HarshLands, Simply Shelby, Wayward, ~JMK~
*SPONSOR* Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life (team #38) TY♥

HarshLands, Simply Shelby, Wayward, ~JMK~


Harshlands: UAC RFL MF direct LIMO to the Faire Travellers Camp

[HL] Light Marker (Aqua)
[HL] Elven Lamp
[HL] Exploding Avatar Statue
[HL] The Healing

The mist rises upon the waste lands. The spoils of war are nothing but corpses and widows.
In a world where the sound of a sword means more than the clink of a coin, what will your role be?

Find out more about it at:

Simply Shelby: UAC RFL MF direct LIMO to the Faire Booth
Kitchen Herbs Planter/window box
Enchanted Tunnel
Blackberry fae
Blueberry fae
Mushroom Fairy -pink

Simply Shelby

Whimsical designs for your home & garden mixed with a splash of fantasy in every item!  Simply Shelby features items for seasonal, holiday, landscapes featuring mystical creatures, gardens with a touch of playfulness, eclectic furniture & decor, plus more!  Also, everyday items for medieval, fantasy, & gorean role play.

Custom Work Available

Owner Name: Shelby Olivier 
Secondary Contact(s): Havoc Thor

Simply Shelby 
Owner/Designer: Shelby Olivier 

Wayward: UAC RFL MF direct LIMO to the Faire Booth
Wayward Animated Garden
Comes with animations
Wayward Willow Tea Spot
comes with sits

Hi GlamStuff is now Wayward. Same home and Garden items but no more confusion for a fashion store.
Any Question contact Jillian Dorchester


HarshLands, SImply Shelby, Wayward, ~JMK~

HarshLands, SImply Shelby, Wayward, ~JMK~


Catwa Lona Head


Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Essences - Dawn - Powder Pack May 2017 (Catwa)


SlackGirl Moon Eyes Catwa Applier - Powder Pack May 2017 (Catwa)


Izzie's Under Eye Glitter Powder Pack May 2017 (Catwa)


Izzie's Glittery Lipticks Powder Pack May 2017 (Catwa)


CURELESS [+] Branded Roses (v.1)



.:EMO-tions:. * DARLENE * + Headpiece + Hairbase

Nose Gem:      

*SPONSOR* ~LF~Sex it! Hid all others, only kept the nose stick and gem. TY♥


{MYNX} Wildflowers Necklace - Silver + Hud  TCF Gift.


TABOU. Bangles Tattoo. 3 styles (M.Lara)


!IT! - Enchanted Roses Bracelets 1DC Anniversary Gift


**RE** Luxy Rings 

Fingers Armor: 

>glYph< Apex Silver Bento Maitreya


~JMK~  UAC RFL MF direct LIMO to the Faire Booth
The Duchess Heather Gown 

Comes in Standard sizes + Mesh Bodies Sizes with sleeves you can wear separately.
Different models available.
Established 2013 ladies affordable fashions. Mix and match to make your own distinctive style.


*SPONSOR* L Y R I U M poses Single Pack Hud TY♥

Thank you to Unmasking A Faire, as well as  to all of the designers who, with their items, particpated to make this post! Love & Peace 

HarshLands, SImply Shelby, Wayward, ~JMK~

HarshLands, SImply Shelby, Wayward, ~JMK~, Powder Pack May 2017 Catwa

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