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Paradise Lost's creature

What's best than a Dark Style Fair #4 and a Memento Mori Event to grow all creative? I hope you'll like! Love & Peace ♥
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Lona Bento Mesh Head 
New rig Version 2.16 @Catwa


Immortal Skin Catwa @*YS&YS*


~MR~ Heart Eye Catwa Applier
Part of Obscure Princess @Memento Mori


[NANI] Kiran Hair @Memento Mori


Kali Split Tongue - Amy Full Set 
The Sinful Needs Bento Tongues are designed to be used 
with Bento mesh heads that have an option to hide their 
included tongue. In some cases, you might be able to 
remove/not wear the whole mouth attachment 
(including the teeth) and find other mesh teeth to wear with 
this tongue. At the time of this writing, these tongues have only 
been tested with Catwa Bento heads, which DO have the option 
to hide the tongue only. Additionally, this tongues package does 
NOT include any animation HUD for the Bento tongue. Your mesh
 head should have animations available. Again, the Catwa Bento heads 
are an excellent choice, and there are numerous mouth animations 
available for their head and HUD that you can play to animate your 
Sinful Needs Bento Mesh Tongue. Be aware that your head shape can 
and will effect clipping between the tongue and your lips, and possibly 
the tongue and your teeth! Try the demo! @Sinful Needs or MarketPlace
Click the picture for a better view ♥


Fallen Gods 2014 Seasonal Gift
Check the maistore!!! @Fallen Gods

Lips Piercings:

Bitten 2017 Update (Bento) Group Gift @[cx]


*SPONSOR* ~LF~ Sex! Catwa/Lelutka Bento @LittleFish TY♥


+ bento Devil Tail @aii

Black Body & Face Tattoo:

.:Soul:. [GG] 2 -Ceredil - [Sith] Tattoos
Gyouko (F) Comes with Head & Body Omega appliers
Check the mainstore! @Soul

Body & Face red marks:

+ The Red Death Tattoo {aii} @Memento Mori

Wax Crown, Arrows & Blood:

~MR~ Obscure Princess in collabortaion with K&S Poses
Comes with couple female poseball (high and flat feet)
[Used here as single pose, after some temporary editing]
Arrows Back, Chest & Shoulder, Omega Blood Body, two
Pairs of mesh Eyes (Heart & Trapped in My Soul) along
with Catwa eyes appliers.
Two Male Bento Poses, a Skull Mask as gift, with omega
black applier for the Mask @Memento Mori


08[Cubic Cherry]{Ba'al} horns red common @Memento Mori

Blood on Leg:

+ Hemomancer + @aii

Wrist Ribbons:

5.SallieLanguage//TiedUpRibbonB (Red)
Common Gacha (past event)
Check the mainstore! @SALLIE


[bubble] X Pasties Set @Memento Mori


Implant Revived-Hammered Iron @[cx]

Click the picture for a better view ♥


Scene & Coffin:

*CS* Dreams @The Dark Style Fair 4


[Focus Poses] Gothic Chair @The Dark Style Fair 4

Rocks, grass and circle blue:

Goth1c0: Energy Circle - decor (old gift) 
Check the mainstore! @Goth1c0

Blood Circle:

Anachron - Magic Qi Circle Decor (Past twisted hunt item)
Check the mainstore! @Anachron


VileCult - Satan's Graffiti @Memento Mori

Wall Panel:

{RW} Thornview Wall Panel Sconce [scripted] 
Past We <3 RP gift
Check the mainstore! @Roawenwood


E.V.E {APOCALIPTICA} Cyber Snakes Chains 
MA {Red/G} common @Memento Mori

Black Particles:

E.V.E Dancing Stars Fireflies Black Lights @E.V.E

Blood Particles:

+ Hemomancer + @aii

Click the picture for a better view ♥

All poses used in this post come either with the stuff, scene or accessories as mentionned above  in descriptions of the item blogged.

Enjoy! Love & Peace ♥ 

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