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Relay For Life

We all are touched in a way, or an other by this damn thing that it is the Cancer. A friend, a family member, a work mate, a room mate... Or even sometimes just and simply us. There are thousand one cancers, from the littlest one, to the most devastating. Each year around the world, there are kids, adults, and even pets who die of cancer. This is a such terrible disease, that there's never enough funds to raise to deepen the search. There are several Charitable Associations around the World to help and raise those funds, and on Second Life as well, we can give a hand to improve all the donations at an even bigger scale.
This year, from the 19th on May to the 18th of June, Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life presents the 3rd Annual UAC Medieval Faire benifiting Relay For Life. We're going Medieval on Cancer!
Take a step backwards in the distant past.. Walk in old streets made of  coblestones, or sands, or just covered by the soil.. Imagine you are wearing either some cloth to cover you, or a beautiful dress, made of taffeta, silks.. Imagine precious knights fighting into some tornaments, the most magnificent horses all adorned with their finest attires... Wine, beer flowing, delicious dishes tickling your nostrils... medieval tournaments in jousting, sword play, magic, archery, and horse racing.
Over 50 Merchants supporting Relay For Life, each featuring items that wil be sold for 100% profit to Relay For Life! A nice way to help and raise funds for the search on Cancer!
BUT... That's not all! A dozen Life Performers, many DJ's are giving their time and sharing their talent with us, to improve this event and make it even better!
You don't wanna miss a chance to try your hand at all sports that will be provided there, to see which knight you could have been in the past: A merciless one, a precious..a coward? You odn't wann miss either the opportunity to find the perfect outfit to match your secret desire! Com'on we all know it! We all have been dreaming at least once that we were some preicous knights or princesses! Try that outfit, I am sure you will love! Oh see that table and seats!!! Would not they fit perfectly in your tavern?? 
Haha yeah, I know I tend to lose my mind on things that always left me dreamer, and the medieval time is one of them!
Don't forget, it start on May, the 19th and you will have until June, the 18 th to profit of all what the Faire offer!

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