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Paperdoll's and PKC/LittleFish News!!!



Lona Bento Mesh Head 
New rig Version 2.16 @Catwa


Malika tone 00 @*YS&YS*

Face Tattoo:

*Queen of Ink - Monster Tattoo 
Comes with Catwa, Genesis Lab, 
Lelutka,& Omega appliers @TheChapterFour


Catwa Mesh Eyes Applier @Catwa


Kare @Truth
New VIP group Gift
Truth reworked on his hud, with new 
textures/hilights/colors. An amazing work!


Kali Split Tongue - Amy Full Set 
The Sinful Needs Bento Tongues are designed to be used with Bento mesh heads that have an option to hide their included tongue. In some cases, you might be able to remove/not wear the whole mouth attachment (including the teeth) and find other mesh teeth to wear with this tongue. At the time of this writing, these tongues have only been tested with Catwa Bento heads, which DO have the option to hide the tongue only. Additionally, this tongues package does NOT include any animation HUD for the Bento tongue. Your mesh head should have animations available. Again, the Catwa Bento heads are an excellent choice, and there are numerous mouth animations available for their head and HUD that you can play to animate your Sinful Needs Bento Mesh Tongue. Be aware that your head shape can and will effect clipping between the tongue and your lips, and possibly the tongue and your teeth! Try the demo! @Sinful Needs or MarketPlace


*SPONSOR* ~LF~ Sex! Catwa/Lelutka Bento @LittleFish TY♥


.01. [ kunst ] - Septum ring RARE Gacha @kunst


Yasum*Underlip Piercing*Silver Dark GIFT @We<3RP

Upper Lip:

*SPONSOR* Sex it Up! GIFT @Little Fish


Wicca's Wardrobe - Endehavour Hat GIFT @We<3RP


*SPONSOR* ..::Paperdoll's::.. Group Gift May 2017
comes in standard sizes +
Ebody, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique,
TMP, Tonic Curve, Tonic Slim & Venus.
2 colors: White and Black. @Paperdoll's  TY♥


*SPONSOR* PKC in collaboration with LittleFish
Keep It Simple Bento Rings.
Actually for Maitreya Bento hands and Vista.
An update will come at some point with the dynamic
version for Slink.
Comes with two hud, a basic, and an advanced for more options.
Alpha each part individually, chose between 10 metal colors



/anxiety/ Aperture @The Chapter Four


Compulsion Movie Lamp Box @Compulsion


Foxcity Candy Candy 1 Bento @Foxcity

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