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lundi, décembre 14

She froze

This is the time of the year, when the weather is that cold, that you do not need a cigarette to exhale some smoke... Where you can see thousand ones little stars of ice upon windows, cars, or on the sidewalks.... This time of the year, where every single dream seems it could become truth....
I am not a cold weather's lover, but I have to admit, that this period that stands right before Christmas, is one of my favorites. The magic it seems to be spread all over the city, the nature... Like if the Life was in pause...
But enough of dream for now, let's start this post, and show you some of the great gifts that can be found at We <3 RP, plus a few items that are sold at this absolutely fantastic event.


Shape :  Mine
Body :   Maitreya Lara @Maitreya
Head :   Catwa Annie Vampire @Catwa
Eyes:     Ikon Sovereign Poltergeist(left)  & Wraith(right) @Ikon
Hair :    No Match No Attention (group gift) @NoMatch
Ears :    Bentbox Sylvan Ears @BentBox
Skin:     AlterEgo Selene snow Omega head applier @Alterego
Hands : Maitreya with the body


Fur:        Aisling Lyall light @Aisling

Skirt:     Zenith Druid Long Dress (Gacha)@Zenith

Accessories and Makeup:

Crown :                        [RA] Ice Queen (Hard)(We<3RP gift) @We<3RP
Horns :                         [G/T] Faunus Crown @Gauze/Trap
Tears:                           Enfant Terrible Emma's Halo Teardrop (We<3RP Gift) @We<3RP
Septum:                        [SyS] Zakiel nose-ring (We<3RP gift) @We<3RP
Necklace:                      Charm Helios Chainmail Blue (We<3RP gift) @We<3RP
Choker:                        Sweet Lies Metals Choker@Sweet Lies
Bracers:                        [TheForge] Daerwen armor@[TheForge]
Nails:                             [CX] Ice Nails (We <3 RP) @We<3RP
Flying pet :                   Soul Flying Wyverns (Gift)@FallenGods

Face:                             [LF] Native Paint Catwa (the 4 tinted)@We<3RP
Lips:                              Mad' Daemon Lips (marketplace)
Vampire's bites:           Altair Vampire Love@We<3RP
Forearms and Hands: Winter Touch Fallen Gods (We<3RP gift, Lowerlegs and Feet available as gift at the mainstore) @We<3RP

Poses from my AO Vista Hot'n'Spicy.
Place: Toxian City

mardi, décembre 1

This City Intoxicates me

Ok... I spend the most of my time around this sim, so, I thought placing it in some post, would not kill a fool. Plus, the ambiance, the windlight settings, and all the environment, simply and easily fitted and my mood, and my outfit, so, it came naturally to help and make a post, that I hope you will enjoy. 
Before to start and detail what I am wearing here, let me talk you a bit of Toxian City, and of all of its inhabitants.... Oh wait, better than speaking of, and about, why not simply click on that link and discover by yourself this town's story (here)? If you are a fan of RolePlay, I am pretty sure you'd enjoy to pay a visit to our citizen :D Yes, that's an invitation, of course! 
What else? 'winks' Now let's start! 


Shape:           Mine, not for sale sorry :)
Mesh Body:  Maitreya Lara @Maitreya
Mesh Head:  Catwa Annie Vampire @Catwa
Mesh H&F:  Slink Elegant1 & High feet @Slink
Skin:             BusenuR @MarketPlace *
Ears:             BentBox Sylvan Ears @BentBox
Eyes:             BentBox LightCatcher Eyes @BentBox
Hair:             AD - Sundae Light Blonde @AnalogDog **
Braid:           Catwa Forehead Braid (Old gift)


Jacket:         Blueberry & Enfant Terrible - Suko Set - Black @Uber
BodySuit:    Bang Me Suit @-BOD- (BeautyOfDarkness)
Panties:       Lara Panties with Maitreya Mesh Body 
Warmer:     ..::ILLI::.. - SLink High Heel Warmers  @..::ILLI::..
Heels:          Infernal Heels Iblis @SuicideGurls

Accessories & MakeUp:

Face Art:         [The Forge] Face Art - Black @TheForge
Piercings:        [ni.Ju] Marx Piercing Monochrome @[ni.Ju]
Glasses:           .:Glamorize:. Glasses in Matte Black @Glamorize
Septum:           [CX] Menace Black @CerberusXing
Claws:              [CX] Hayop (Black) @CerberusXing
Thigh:              [R3] - Assassin Legbands  @R3volt

Eyes Cross:      .K-Otic. Inverted Face Cross  @.K-Otic.
Lip Cross:        Mad' Daemon Lips (Appliers) @MarketPlace

*Why should you get it? 1)It's... free! 2)It comes with Omega, SLink and Loud mouth apllier, as well as Catwa applier. 3)It's super cute, and very well made  4) and non least, the owner is a super nice one <3
**Tinted with the color cursor that comes  in the hud!

lundi, novembre 23

When mythology meets reality

I know, I know... I am a lazy bad ass.... I do not blog that often, but hey, to make a good work, don't we need time, plus to be inspired with what we find? 'winks' 
So, now that I made my apologizes (well somehow, you're ok? :P) let's start! 
I have always been found of mythology, Goddess, Gods, Demons, Nymphe, et-caetera.... So it's been normal some how to change my display name, and grab one that refer to Erzulie, Voodoo Goddess of Love and the Beauty. 
To match this new 'Identity' I chose an outfit from ADN, believe me, this designer is very creative, I love all of her stuff, and I badly do not often enough show her work. But promised, I'll try to show you a bit more of her work, cause it really deserves some nice pics.
So here we go, all that for all of you, lovelies <3


Shape:            Mine, not for sale, sorry  :)
Mesh Body:   Maitreya Lara @Maitreya
Mesh Hand:  Maitreya Lara @Maitreya
Mesh Head:   Catwa Annie Vampire @Catwa
Skin Applier: The Skinnery, Sienna Catwa applier, honey @C88
Ears:               Bentbox Sylvan Ears @ We<3RP
Eyes:               Resnick eyes @Clemmm
Hair:               Blossom Natural Ombre @Lovey Dovey


Dress:             [AdN] Reine des Mers @[AdN]
Wings and
Back Piece:    [AdN] Deesse Celeste @[AdN]

Accessories, Tattoo and Make-up:

Horns:            .aisling. Savage Winter {Snow} @Aisling
Forhead:        :ZS: Forehead Cross Implant @Zombie Suicide
Chest:             :ZS: Chest Cross Implant @Zombie Suicide
Headdress:     [Tia] Gypsy Moon - RARE - Headdress @[Tia] (Gacha item)
Piercings:       [ni.Ju] Marx Piercing . monochrome @[ni.Ju]
Neck:               .Shi : Redefine Mask @.Shi:
Pauldron:       Luas Iballa Bracers, Pauldrons & Crown Golden RARE @Luas (Gacha Item)
Bracers:         Arcana Armour Female, Gold @The Forge
Glitters:         DeeTaleZ Gift - Animated Face & Body Glitter @Deetalez
Nails:             [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold) @[CerberusXing]
Lanterns:      **CC** Space Pirate Lanterns @Cole's Corner for Enchantment Hunt
Fairy:            DRD Fairy enchantment Huntgift @Death Row Designs for Enchantment Hunt
Tattoo:          Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo :: H13002 : @Letis Tattoo

Place for Pics: Toxian City, Props and poses: ~* Sweet Revolutions *~ Hunt Items (Throne of Nightmare), plus my AO sits, plus [atooly.poses] believe pose set (Enchantment Hunt) and !Bang (Enchantment Hunt)

vendredi, octobre 9

The Curse

There is a while I have not blog... I know, am a lazy badass!!! :D But hey, you know, things are not made by magic, when you do not have the inspiration needed, when you lose your imagination, creativity, it can be hard to make some good stuff... But... Finally, doesn't the time help with everything? :P 
So here I am, back, with a bunch of cool stuff from different events running at the moment, some that just ended, some new releases, etc, etc...
The main ones I really would tell you to go are The Nightmare Event, where is held a hunt pretty funny, the sim itself is amazing, they worked really hard to give us the halloween theme we love :D
ROMP as well got really a nice round this times (Well they always do, but here I thought I would have bought the whole stuff, though, promised I didn't burn my moneybag, I am serious 'winks') 
As you jump around the grid, why not play a little hunt (yeah!!! One more woot) The Twisted Hunt would be the one the creepy lovers should really jump in, designers offered us some very cool stuff :D Soon, I think I will make a post with the furniture you can find through this hunt, some are really great. 
Okies now that I have said everything I had to, let's start! I hope you will enjoy the post.For this one, I still didn't use Photoshop or else, just and only the perfect tools Firestorm give us on the viewer, you guys should give it a try if not done yet, it's simply fabulous! 
I used a skybox for the shots, that is part of the Twisted Hunt, though, it's not really shown in this post, I just need a dark thing, and this one seemed the best to me, I'll make one more pic in my Flickr to show you the nice work of The Stringer Mausoleum. The decor used is a gift from Paper Moon for the nightmare event, Blood Stained Rug and Curtains, loved the bloody look :D
The poses used are also an item from the Twisted Hunt, and are animated (I just had to stop the motion by editing a cuff xD Just because I loved the pose!)


Shape:               Mine, not for sale.
Mesh Body:      Isis, from the Belleza Venus* @Belleza
Mesh Hand:     Slink Elegant 1 @Slink
Mesh Feet:       Slink Female High @Slink
Mesh Ears:      Unisex Steking Ears Season 5 @Mandala 
Mesh Tongue: [CX] Tongue Trap Pierced @ROMP***
Eyes:                [CX] Scarred Eye Socket from the Cursed Keeper @The nightmare Event***
Skin:                Crazy Betty Tan @Go & See
Hair:                Clutter (New) @Magika


Neck:          [LAB737] Gunnvarr Neck RARE (black) (Last Fantasy Gacha)
Top:            [The Forge] Drulla Top, Silver (Last Fantasy Gacha)
Belt:            [LAB737] Gunnvarr Belt RARE (black) (Last Fantasy Gacha)

Accessories and Tattoos

Horns 1:    E. Sleipnir's Grace Horns @Evermore**
Horns 2:   .DirtyStories. Black Rose Horns @.DirtySTories.
Horns 3:   .random Matter. Borgin Horns (Black) @.random Matter.
Hair pin:   OXI Dokusatsu Pin Prize For Twisted Hunt***
Blindfold: [CX] Cursed Keeper @The Nightmare Event***
Septum:    [CX] Claw Set Black Septum @CerberusXing
Spider:      [DH] Creepy Spider Gift @The Nightmare Event***
Collar:       :Diamante: Provocative Reloaded Collar @:Diamante:
Spine:        [CX] Cursed Keeper @The nightmare Event***
Cuffs:        POMPOSITY - 4 Cuff Padded Cuff Set - Black @POMPOSITY
Claws:       [CX] Hayop (Black) @CerberusXing
Webs:        + Underarm Webs Gift + {aii} @The Nightmare Event***

Face Tattoos:
Blood Eyes:[CX] Cursed Keeper @The Nightmare Event***
Tears:          NOX. Silent Tears (layer all) @Nox
Scars:          NOX. Keloid Scars (Layer all) @Nox
Eyebrow:    NOX. Pariah (Death) @Nox
Mouth:        NOX. Glasgow Smile [Nightmare Hunt Gift] (Both layers)@The nightmare Event***
                     NOX. Bloody Mouth (With Splatters) @Nox
                     NOX. Unhealthy Glow and Reddened lip (Layer LIP Dark) @Nox

Back:           [CX] Cursed Keeper @The Nightmare Event***
Bites:           antielle. Appetizer / Bites & Blood (v.1)  @ROMP***
Hands:        [I<3F] October subscriber gift @[I<3F] & co
Feet:            Clemmm Bloody Feet @Clemmm

** Evermore.... Just go and stop by this shop, I am kinda sure the fantasy lovers will find some cool stuff... Her work is amazing :D
*** Just read the looong text I wrote to find and click on the right Taxi :P

mercredi, avril 1

Big Bad Girl

I sure do not blog as often as I probably should. Lack of time, motivation, or sometimes as many of us, lack of money - winks - However, I am here today, a bit in late since the events I grabbed most of the stuff are done ( yeah I should have blog all that on the past week but... meh! :P) And worst, I am a bad  ass regarding emplacements I grab stuff xD So many events around the grid, and being a compulsive buyer... Yanno... :D Okies, so let's start, and enjoy...or not!


Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:KAMILLA:. SKIN - Spring **
Body: Maitreya Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Multipack
Mouth:   .Loud Mouth. - Brandee 
Teeth:  [whatever], Teeth 2.0 Fang 
Lashes: AriseEyelashes n°2
Eyebrowshape: Glam Affair Grazia suggest eyebrown shape 4
Eyes: Ikon VIP Group Gift December 2014
Hair:.Olive. the Steffi Hair - Crazy Glitter [Wear Me]

Make-up, Tattoo and Accessories

Face: {Wicked} Peach - Feral Pack 2 - Face Tattoo
Eyes: {Wicked} Peach - Eye Makeup - Siren
Lipstick: .random.Matter- Hexia Lips - V3 - Pink
Face Contour: .random.Matter. - Contour
Face2: Inhale Young & Reckless Face Tattoo
Tattoo: Identity Bodyshop Real Story

Face Strap: ::TI:: Nose Strap Dark Grey - V1 (Gacha)
Septum: [CX] Claw Set Black (unpacked)
Nose Chain :::TI:: Face piercing _ distorted nail/with resizer
Lips: [CX] Venom Set (Black) Bitters
Pipe: *N* Glass Kiseru  Elephant Green (Luck of the Irish Gacha)

Collar: [CX] Skin Deep Collar Black Box (WEAR) (unpacked)
Harness: [I<3F] Witch Harness [GIFT March 2015] [BOX]

Upper arm: Nana - Behemoth Harness Black
Bracers: Left: .random.Matter. - Baratheon Bracers - Black [WEAR ME]
              Right: .Arcadia. - Morpheus Gauntlets Onyx
Rings: [CX] Basilisk (Silver) (unpacked)

Belts: Belt 1: ::TI:: Stud and chain Belt _Pack (unpacked) black
          Belt 2:<TheAbyss> FM_NAU_Combat_Belt

Thighs holsters: Obscure Assasins Holster Gangster Edition Camo-Pink

Outfit and Shoes:

Bra: Maitreya Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Lingerie
Pants: B&C by Legal Insanity - kim leggings dad girl
Boots: *May 's soul* Ranger Boots Black

dimanche, mars 8

Even Lost Souls hope

So, after a while without blogging, I am back... Not that I was too lazy to blog anything, just a lack of time :P Okies, I am here today with some news and some old items as well, and with the last perfect product I offered to myself :P The Maitreya Lara mesh Body... just awesome! I only regret that some of my favorite brand skins do not have the applier yet ... Anyway, I love it and guess most of users do! 
So let's start!


Skin: Glam Affair Sia Europa 08 G
Body: Maitreya Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Multipack
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Mouth:   .Loud Mouth. - Brandee 
Teeth:  [whatever], Teeth 2.0 Fang 
Lashes: Arise, Eyelashes n°2
Eyebrowshape: Glam Affair Sia Europa 08 G suggest eyebrown shape 1
Eyes: Ikon VIP Group Gift December 2014
Hair: Tableau Vivant Liebe Hair Shadows

Make-up, Tattoo and Accessories

Hairbase: Deetalez Hair Shaved Tattoo Scorpion
Face: Lovely Disarray I'm no Priest Face paint
Nose: Nox Ethereal one
Liner: Nox Graphic Liner[Five]
Eyeshadow: Nox Silent Night [QuickSilver]
Lips: Glam Affair .LM. Appliers Romy 1-1

Tattoo: .Identity . Body Shop Dirty Trap

Headband: . AUTOPSY . Headband Ronce Black
Horns: .DirtyStories. Black Rose Horns
Face Chain: .DirtyStories. Revenge Face Chain Silver
Masks: Right: ::Axix:: Lavern Mask Silver (mod)
            Left: [The Forge] Face Art Black
Mouth: [CX] Spiked Gloss Group Gift
Septums: 1: .Arise. Chess Septum Obsidian
                2: .Pekka. Now KibitzSeptum Group Gift September 14
Necklace: [CX] Skin Deep Retake (Tsundere+silver)

Pauldrons: Left: *May's Soul* Muse Armour Black
                   Right: *May's Soul* Desolation Armour Black
Bangles: Left: ::TI:: Arm Bangle Black
               Right: C h a r y. Gaia Bangles (mod)(closed :'()
Bracers: .random matter. Baratheon Bracers Black
Hands: . aisling . Darshana Hand Jewelry

Outfit and Shoes:

Top: ::Axix:: Ashe Set Black Top
Pasties:Mad' Free Pasties Appliers
Skirt: *May's Soul* I Wish Black Skirt
Panties: *HolliPocket* Tease Me Panties Set3
Boots: **Dirty Princess** Gladiator Couture Princess Mesh Boots Black