samedi, décembre 30

She's made of Steel

Christmas is over, and so on, my RP Fashion Style is back.. Of course, I'll still show you the casual items, but from now on, I'll try and match my favorite style which is the RolePlayer Fashion. Let's bet I'll manage to get some crazy looks even using the most casual item *winks*
Alright for today, I only should show you two items that my sponsors released, the Moon Child Crown from The Annex, which was a release for Tannenbaum but that should be soon in store, and the Thora Piercings for Lelutka Heads (Bianca, Cate, Chloe, Greer, May, SImone and Spencer) from Blaxium that you'll find @ The Gacha Life. On an other hand, I used some make Up from an other of my Sponsor, Slack Girl, and you'll find them in the main store.  
Let's start this post, and listing, hoping it'll give you some good Ideas for some future outfits ;)
Love & Peace ♥


Lelutka Bento Head Greer + Beast Teeth (A very special thank you to one of my dearest sponsors, Lithelfys Leratia without who I'd have never managed to get this head! Love ya so much! ♥) (Jadenart and Thora Charron)
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara + Bento Hands (Onyx Leshelle)
*YS&YS* Pris Vamp Lelutka applier + Face & body Tattoo (Steel) + Eyes Applier (Monicuzza Babenco)
::SG:: Morph Omega Applier (Slack Girl) *SPONSOR* TY ♥ (An old release that I grabbed a few days ago thanks to the Gift Cards Hunt that Slack Girl generously made for her fans)
Vanity Hair Labyrinth @ Hairology (Closing on Today, but the Hair will be soon in Store, I guess right after the event, Tabata Jewell is really quick to update her store :) )
Toast Mech Arm V2.2 (Store is now known as Skittish. Jellybracelets)
.aisling. Morigan Legs Silver (An old Gacha item, that you might either find on MP, or at the mainstore. Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham)


#20 Blueberry - Energy - COMMON - Chain Bra - Silver Light *M* (Old gacha that you'll find at the main store. Blueberryxxx)
Meva Desire Body Decor Silver (Mea Carnell)


Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Themis (Ear Adornment + Orbit. Zib Scaggs) The store is having a 50% sale until December, the 31st! Run there and get all you can while it's time!
The Annex Moon Child Crown. Hud driven to chose between two metals (Silver and Gold) and 6 colors of pearls. The item was released at Tannenbaum, but will be soon in store. (Beuanna Resident) *SPONSOR* TY ♥
Meva Shaylae Mask 1 (Was the Gacha for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and should be soon in store. Mea Carnell)
.aisling. Simple Nose Chain Silver (An old We <3 RP Gift. Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham)
BLAXIUM -Thora Piercings- Lelutka Bento Greer @ Gacha Life From December, the 5th to the 31st (Silvermoon Namiboo*SPONSOR* TY ♥
Meva Shaylae Collar (Was the Gacha for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and should be soon in store. Mea Carnell)
**RE** Dark Queen Rings - Bento 2.0 (Crashnoww)
[CX] Biomech Claws (Was a LIMITED GIFT. Kamayari)


Foxcity Bento Made Up and Masked (For close Ups. Satomi Masukami)
Spartin Parx Poses Oracle 7 and Zibska 6 Reflection. (Spartin Parx)

mardi, décembre 26

When the Snow Falls

First of all, I wish to all of you a merry Christmas even if a bit on late, and, in advance, for the case I would not be able to make a post for it, an Happy New Year, sending you all my best wishes for the 2018 year that is coming quickly!
Now, a new sponsor offered me a chance to show some of my work, Blaxium, not sure if you heard about it before, but I guess you did. For my part, I recently discovered the brand, and I have to say that I am kinda fan of it! Totally perrfect for all of the Bento body Parts we got, and the plus is that you'll find accessories for different brands, and not only a single one!
Now that's said, let's start the post, where I'll show you some products that you'll find either at the Cosmetic Fair, the Darkness Monthly Event or at the District 20! 
Love & Peace ♥

                                                                                       *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Outfit [[ Masoom ]]  Chanel dress. Compatible with Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass.

Sold individually. Chanel dress and fur arms are made with 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive at District 20Both the dress and fur arms come in 7 beautiful colors. Fatpack includes all colors. Outfit has materials enabled. From December, the 20th (For VIP's),  21st (Public) to January, the 19th. (AmberChaudry Corpur)

Rings BLAXIUM -Nevermore Rings- Bento MAITREYA You will find this rings as well for  SLINK - VISTA Bento Hands.
Hud Driven to chose between 5 Textures/Colors for metal, and stone. (Ty. SiLver.) @ The Darkness Monthly Event. From December, the 5th to the 31st

EyeShadow & Nails ::SG:: Luar Eyeshadow set Omega. Find this EyeShadow as well for Akeruka, Catwa and Lelutka, along with Tattoo Layers in each pack. 14 colors!
                                   ::SG:: Vision VISTA-MAIT-SLINK-TON-EVE -TUTY-ALTAM BENTO
Up to 12 colors! (SlackGirl) @The Cosmetic Fair From December, the 15th, to the 31st.

                                                                                                      ON MY OWN :D ♥

Head & Skin Genesis_Head_JADE Bento + HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_JANE_MILK (GenesisLab)

Snow on Face Izzie's - Face Snow. Comes in Catwa, Lelutka, Omega LAQ & Logo Appliers + Tattoo Layers + Mesh Lashes + Mesh Layers Cheek  and Nose. (Izzie Button)

Wanna know more details? Just leave me an IM in-World (ShirleyM McLaglen) ♥

jeudi, décembre 21

A few days before

I know, I know, I have rather quiet lately... I had a surgery recently, that's why, but I am back, or I think I am at least 'smiles amused' I, indeed, am rather tired, so, much slower to blog, but it should be finer soon!
So here I am back with a few releases from Dafnis and Slack Girl that you don't wanna miss!
You'll get it, I am not about to make a long text on this time, haha, but, a simple short post, forgive my laziness of the day! 

                                                                                                  *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Outfit *dafnis Fatcpack Marjorie. Comes in standard sizes, plus, Belleza (All), Maitreya, Slink (All), and TMP. Hud driven to change shorts, top and jacket colors, up to 10 colors to pick up. (Sandra Serin) Exclusive item  for december e.l.i.t.e event which open from the 15th to the 30rd 

Boots *dafnis Boots Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique. Hud driven to 10 color to pick for boot and heels. (Sandra SerinExclusive item  for december e.l.i.t.e event which open from the 15th to the 30rd 

Nails, MakeUp and Lashes ::SG:: Sue Mesh VISTA-MAIT-TUT-SLINK-TON-EVE -TUTY-ALTAM BENTO Hud driven to pick up to 8 colors. (SlackGirl) @ Appliqué from December, the 15th to January, the 7th.

                                               ::SG:: Lucia Eyeshadow set Lelutka. Get it for Akeruka, Catwa, Lelutka and Omega. (SlackGirl) Appliqué from December, the 15th to January, the 7th.

                                                ::SG:: Powder Pack November Lelutka Lashes (SlackGirl)

dimanche, décembre 3

Between Fawn and Unicorn

For this post, I wanted to bring you some magic, and all the stuff my sponsors have around the grid's events at this moment were perfectly fitting to match my Idea :D 
Where to start?? Yeah.. I came back to Catwa 's head for this post, but I'll show up again Lia from Vista real soon! (Well still count at least a week or two before in fact, cause of some RL stuff, which will make me not able to blog for a few days!) So, yeah, Catwa and *YS&YS* on Maitreya, of course, to not change from some habits!
I picked as well some older stuff from my inventory to complete the look, like the Deer Horns, that I edited by the way, to fit the outfit. Those were a gift @ the Fantasy Collective, on 2015.... from Mushilu. Not sure if the gift is still available somewhere, sorry guys!! I used as well the CURELESS [+] Dramatic Showa Sparkles (The add on and the ones from the eyes fatpack too!) While you'll be on the CURELESS [+] sim, have a look around and go to Disorderly to grab one of their group gift, if you'd like some sparkles flying around you (Yeah that's the ones I used here)! They come with the WoodLand Watcher Gift @ the store! The underbust Jewels are a gift from SCANDALIZE (Was a hunt gift, not sure if available somewhere at this moment :/). Eyes applier and Eyeshadow are directly up from SlackGirl Powder Pack Catwa May, so if you'd like them, you know what to do :D The Lipstick (Aria for Catwa), and the nails Diana Classic (Which are a Gift at the main store!) are as well from my dear SlackGirl. The Faun(Fawn to each his/her pref to spell it I'd say lol) spots were a gift from [Mello] Catwa and Omega applier! Piercings are from PUNCH, the nose guard and the septum being some group gifts! Those are for the older items... Newest ones are the Witch Gloves from LYBRA which were at the last round of Shiny Shabby (I grabbed them on the late, yes!) and are now in the main store! The Hair are from Tram ( and you'll get them at this Uber's round (!... The body tattoo is made to be used initially with the Enchanted Faun or the Mesmerized Alicorn from CottonCANDYmonsteR, but I only grabbed the Tattoo Applier for Maitreya which comes in Fatpack. I'll sure grab the legs soon too :D (
Drool is the non less famous Dirty Secrets Bento Drool HUD, fitted for all Catwa and Lelutka Bento heads! (
Ok.. I had to pause the edition of the post at some point to care about RL, but now, blogger is playing with me and won't let me add and associate a single URL to the stores or event. I will add them then like a normal text, you'll just need to copy and past the URL in your SL's window's chat  to get the LM (Don't forget to press enter and to click then on the link that will be there) :D We'll try this way until Blogger shows me a nicer face :P For now, you'll forgive me, but, without this option, let's start the post, to avoid a terrible mess!
Love & Peace ♥

                                                                                                   *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Bento Ears, Tail and Horn set :[P]: Amalthe Fatpack (Aikea Rieko@ Kawai Project From November, the 20th to December, the 10th Set is Bento and the hud will offer you different options of poses and anims for both tail and ears, Plus of course a variation of tones and colors!
Kawai Project:

Top [[ Masoom ]] Agnus scarf top (AmberChaudry Corpur@ Cosmopolitan From November, the 20th to December, the 15th Compatible with : Maitreya [ Lara ] Slink [ Physique/Hourglass ], Belleza [ Freya/Isis]
Agnus is made with 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive at Cosmopolitan

18 beautiful colors. Fatpack includes all colors in a HUD. Outfit has materials enabled.
[[ Masoom ]:

Nails, Rings & Ankles set ::SG:: KEWL Rings  Maitreya BENTO (SlackGirl@ Limit8 From November, the 18th to December, the 13th Comes also in Slink Dynamic Version :D
                                            ::SG:: Art Deco  (SlackGirl) @ Shiny Shabby From November, the 20th to December, the 15th Resize on a Click!
(See above, in the presentation text about the nails!)
Shiny Shabby:

                                                                                                   On My Own

All is said in the long text above :P   Look up & read :D