mercredi, juin 27

Play with the Devil

Have you been around Lootbox yet? No? Then, you just should grab the LIMO and run there! Plenty of great stuff to win by playing gacha machines! Try and get your rares, lootbox 1 or 2, or even mystery, and exclusives!
For this round Plastik released one more time the most fabulous set ever! Horns are commons, as wrists cuffs, arms cuffs, ankles cuffs, face jewels. Two lootbox to win, the Albino lootbox 1, that comes with Male and Female skin, Glow Bento Tail, and Nose ring, and the Darkness Lootbox 2, composed here of Male and Female skin, Metal Bento Tail, and Earrings! And, as Exclusive, the Ladders Horns, that I am showing you off here. I thought to paired all that amazing stuff with the Dirty Princess set as well, that you'll find at the event too, boots, skirt, top, gloves compose the set.
I hope you'll like!
Love & Peace ♥

:[P]:- Araxxis Gatcha - Albino Skin
:[P]:- Araxxis Exclusive - Ladder Horns
:[P]:- Araxxis Cuffs and Jewels *SPONSOR* TY ♥ (Aikea Rieko)
@ Lootbox

DIRTY PRINCESS- Epic Red Warrior Princess Bra Top- 8 COMMON
DIRTY PRINCESS- Epic Red Warrior Princess Skirt 12 COMMON
DIRTY PRINCESS- Epic Red Warrior Princess Gloves 7 COMMON
DIRTY PRINCESS- Epic Red Warrior Princess Boots RARE 1 Lootbox (Skyler Lebed)Lootbox

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