mercredi, juin 27


Midsummer enchantment is about to shut down. Yes I know, I am a bit on late to talk about the event, but RL... xD But I am pretty sure you have not missed it, and in casee if you did, well, don't worry, you still have 4 days to grab the stuff you might want there!
I show you here the releases from Oubliette, Zibska and Adoness for this round all about magic again! Who would complain? Magic is that thing that bring us to the most delightful composition when it comes to create around,no?
Rush there if you still didn't get your items, as, to not forget about, there's a 5L$ hunt along the event, don't miss it!
Love & Peace ♥

Oubliette- Onyx Aurora Dress (Lot of colors to chose from!)
Fitted for Belleza (All), Maitreya and Slink (All) (Insilvermoonlight) @ Midsummer Enchantment

adoness : valasca 2.0 : integrity (Cruella Pennell) Midsummer Enchantment

Zibska ~ Savina [no trans] (Necklace + earrings with hud) (Zib Scaggs) Midsummer Enchantment

WR - World Traveller Tattoo *SPONSOR* TY ♥ (Sandowl Violet)
Body & Face appliers + layers

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