lundi, mai 14

Dark Magic

Fantasy Faire is now closed. And for those who missed them, releases are now in mainstore. So, if you had not grab the :[P]: & TRAP:// Cepheus Horns, you will have understood, a collaboration between Plastik and Trap, you now can run to the mainstore and get them! Believe me, it's a purchase you won't regret, details and materials are really awesome, and the customization hud is really nice! on an otherr hand, SlackGirl released a really perfect Nails set that you will find at the main store. I particularly love the fact that it mixes a full texture with a painted one. They will really fit all outfit, I am sure of.

:[P]: & TRAP:// Cepheus Horns (Aikea Rieko) *SPONSOR* TY ♥

::SG:: Alexis Bento Mesh Nails (SlackGirl) *SPONSOR* TY ♥

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