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The Curse

There is a while I have not blog... I know, am a lazy badass!!! :D But hey, you know, things are not made by magic, when you do not have the inspiration needed, when you lose your imagination, creativity, it can be hard to make some good stuff... But... Finally, doesn't the time help with everything? :P 
So here I am, back, with a bunch of cool stuff from different events running at the moment, some that just ended, some new releases, etc, etc...
The main ones I really would tell you to go are The Nightmare Event, where is held a hunt pretty funny, the sim itself is amazing, they worked really hard to give us the halloween theme we love :D
ROMP as well got really a nice round this times (Well they always do, but here I thought I would have bought the whole stuff, though, promised I didn't burn my moneybag, I am serious 'winks') 
As you jump around the grid, why not play a little hunt (yeah!!! One more woot) The Twisted Hunt would be the one the creepy lovers should really jump in, designers offered us some very cool stuff :D Soon, I think I will make a post with the furniture you can find through this hunt, some are really great. 
Okies now that I have said everything I had to, let's start! I hope you will enjoy the post.For this one, I still didn't use Photoshop or else, just and only the perfect tools Firestorm give us on the viewer, you guys should give it a try if not done yet, it's simply fabulous! 
I used a skybox for the shots, that is part of the Twisted Hunt, though, it's not really shown in this post, I just need a dark thing, and this one seemed the best to me, I'll make one more pic in my Flickr to show you the nice work of The Stringer Mausoleum. The decor used is a gift from Paper Moon for the nightmare event, Blood Stained Rug and Curtains, loved the bloody look :D
The poses used are also an item from the Twisted Hunt, and are animated (I just had to stop the motion by editing a cuff xD Just because I loved the pose!)


Shape:               Mine, not for sale.
Mesh Body:      Isis, from the Belleza Venus* @Belleza
Mesh Hand:     Slink Elegant 1 @Slink
Mesh Feet:       Slink Female High @Slink
Mesh Ears:      Unisex Steking Ears Season 5 @Mandala 
Mesh Tongue: [CX] Tongue Trap Pierced @ROMP***
Eyes:                [CX] Scarred Eye Socket from the Cursed Keeper @The nightmare Event***
Skin:                Crazy Betty Tan @Go & See
Hair:                Clutter (New) @Magika


Neck:          [LAB737] Gunnvarr Neck RARE (black) (Last Fantasy Gacha)
Top:            [The Forge] Drulla Top, Silver (Last Fantasy Gacha)
Belt:            [LAB737] Gunnvarr Belt RARE (black) (Last Fantasy Gacha)

Accessories and Tattoos

Horns 1:    E. Sleipnir's Grace Horns @Evermore**
Horns 2:   .DirtyStories. Black Rose Horns @.DirtySTories.
Horns 3:   .random Matter. Borgin Horns (Black) @.random Matter.
Hair pin:   OXI Dokusatsu Pin Prize For Twisted Hunt***
Blindfold: [CX] Cursed Keeper @The Nightmare Event***
Septum:    [CX] Claw Set Black Septum @CerberusXing
Spider:      [DH] Creepy Spider Gift @The Nightmare Event***
Collar:       :Diamante: Provocative Reloaded Collar @:Diamante:
Spine:        [CX] Cursed Keeper @The nightmare Event***
Cuffs:        POMPOSITY - 4 Cuff Padded Cuff Set - Black @POMPOSITY
Claws:       [CX] Hayop (Black) @CerberusXing
Webs:        + Underarm Webs Gift + {aii} @The Nightmare Event***

Face Tattoos:
Blood Eyes:[CX] Cursed Keeper @The Nightmare Event***
Tears:          NOX. Silent Tears (layer all) @Nox
Scars:          NOX. Keloid Scars (Layer all) @Nox
Eyebrow:    NOX. Pariah (Death) @Nox
Mouth:        NOX. Glasgow Smile [Nightmare Hunt Gift] (Both layers)@The nightmare Event***
                     NOX. Bloody Mouth (With Splatters) @Nox
                     NOX. Unhealthy Glow and Reddened lip (Layer LIP Dark) @Nox

Back:           [CX] Cursed Keeper @The Nightmare Event***
Bites:           antielle. Appetizer / Bites & Blood (v.1)  @ROMP***
Hands:        [I<3F] October subscriber gift @[I<3F] & co
Feet:            Clemmm Bloody Feet @Clemmm

** Evermore.... Just go and stop by this shop, I am kinda sure the fantasy lovers will find some cool stuff... Her work is amazing :D
*** Just read the looong text I wrote to find and click on the right Taxi :P

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