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mardi, juillet 4

Smile With Bees

Once is not used, I am here today to show you more furniture than fashion!
Yes, yes, you heard it, no fashion for today, only some cool furniture that you will find at the I Heart The Cart Event, themed on Honey I shrunk the Cart Sale! You got it right, indeed, all about bees and honey... Some what of to put some fun in you Lifes *winks*
So, I tried to make a one shot with all of the items from the different designers that you will find at the event. 
Hope you'll like (Not really my best, I might admit, but gotta fun to place everything!)
Love & Peace ♥

The Artist Shed:

Smile Me A Marquee (Smile sign)(Free Gift)
Recycled Apiary Sidetable (Cart Item 10L$)
Green Thumb Planter (Plant pot on the table Cart Item 10L$)
Goofin' with the Bees Pouffe (Seat)(Hunt Item 2L$)
Buzz Off Display (Outdoors display barreer 2L$)


North Moon:

Puppy Love Unisex Pose (Yeah, yeah the rottweiler! Discounted Item 50L$ usually 75L$)
Garden Library (The barrel outside)
Bee Hive Shelve (Under the window Hunt Item 45L$)
Your Story (Wall decor on the left of the window 45L$)
Busy Bee Wall Deocr (On the right side of the window, Theme Item)
All about them Herbs Wall Decor (On the right of the Canvas, 10L$)
Much more to find at the Event!!!


Tea Bunny:

Modular HoneyComb Shelf (Used a single piece here, Under the Canvas, 10L$)
HoneySweet Art Canvas (The Canvas on the right side of the Wall Art, 99L$)


MoonLiteCat Creations:

Butterflies Waterfall Wall Art (A nice soft animation!)


Lilith's Den:

Lilith's Den Beehive -s (On the right of the Buzz off Display, outside, bees flying around) (Hunt)
Lilth's Den Animated Flying Bees (Big bees outside)(Exclusive)
Lilith's Den Wooden Sign Busy Bees (Pole outside)
Lilith's Den Honey Drop (On the shelf under the window, the lil box, open/close by touch) (Hunt)


Find all of this Items right here:
I Hear The Cart