vendredi, juin 2

That Strange World

Hello my lovelies!!!
I was wandering throught the grid when I found out that indecriptible sim... Horizons... Imagine a place with lots of teleportation doors... Pick one and immerse yourself in some strange world where robotic is everywhere and is a real danger... I didn't take the most amazing spots.... I died too many times!!! Lmao I was on Exploring mode, but, despite of that the experience does count you like a target when you come by close one of the robots, or insects or plants or... Dang! too many things to enumerate them all! Haha... And that's only one of the worlds you can wander through when visiting this sim! I promise I'll try to take some more photos and from this world, and from the others there are there! 
This one in occurence seemed to perfectly fit the outfit, or should I say accesories, I had lots of fun to combinate all together, and which allow me to show you some newness from my dear sponsor Vengeful Threads!
Let's hope in that world, and enjoy!
Love & Peace ♥

Orb Halo & Aura:

**CC** - Eternal Flame Burning Orb Halo (Blue) Past Gacha
**CC** - Eternal Flaming Aura (Blue) Past Gacha

Tail & webbed hands:

+ Bento Devil Tail V1.2 (wear to unpack) + {aii}
+ Webbed Hands + (Group Gift) {aii}

Snakes and bindi:

.aisling. {ML-Satrinah} Snakes RARE Last Fantasy Gacha
.aisling. {Satrinah} Veil&Horns RARE Last Fantasy Gacha

Finger Armor:

>glYph< Apex shadow *Bento*

Foot, kneepads, Upper Leg, Lower Arm:

[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Lower Arms [noir] Last Fantasy Gacha
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Upper Leg Straps [noir] Last Fantasy Gacha
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Kneepads [noir] Last Fantasy Gacha
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Foot Wraps [noir] Last Fantasy Gacha


Bentbox Sylvan Ears


CATWA HEAD Lona (unpacked)


Go&See * Jayden * - HUD 1 (unpacked)


Ghost'Ink ::REDEMPTION ::  BLACK REBEL  (Full ULTRARARE ) Last Fantasy Gacha


Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Top & Panties:

Mossu - Seductive(1).Top - Maitreya - RARE Last Fantasy Gacha
Mossu - Seductive(2).Bottom - Maitreya - RARE Last Fantasy Gacha

Makeup & Mask:

Vengeful Threads - Original Mesh & Makeup - Astraeus Genre Sci Fi 


Vengeful Threads - Original Mesh - Hamsa Necklace Thrift Shop From May, the 27th ==> 22days


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