jeudi, avril 20

Don't Shot!

*SPONSOR* L Y R I U M Talk to The Hand 1

Hello everybody!!!

Alright, it will be a short post on today. Reason? Ehm, time is short!  Haha, no, more seriously, I am on one of those days where I just wanted to share some items that you will find at the mainstore R3VOLT some new and newest releases.
I don't know about you all, but, I really enjoy when an item comes along with a hud, the ability to change texture, to give the item a new dimension on each use we will have of it.... 'shrugs' I rather prefer that, than a single color/texture item. BUT, that is only a personal mind 'winks' 
Alright so... the first things everyone wants to know usually.... to not change, we will start this post with what's on that body 'smiles amused'

Let's goo...!



Cate *NEW* @Lelutka

Hair and Hairbase:

*booN Lab 035 Hair blonde
*booN Lab cornrows base (gift) @*booN Lab


Steking Ears @[MANDALA]


Luminous eyes 04 & 06 @-SU!-


Kirsten Tone 04 New @*YS&YS*


Shala (March Gourp gift) @Suicide Gurls

Earrings + necklace:

:: D-Style - Yara Jewel set :: Rotten Egg Hunt Gift. 
Always check the mainstore ;) @D-Style

Facial Piercings:

*SPONSOR* ~LF~Sex It & Sex it Up (gift) 
With a totally New Hud to change metals and gems color! NEW @Bodyfy

Chest Diamonds:

*SPONSOR* ..::PD::.. Like A Diamond 2 
comes with a color change hud for lower and upper part NEW @Thrift Shop

Belly Chain:

Belt Belly Piercing @Eclipse Art Studio

Yeah, I know... I reduced the list only to things that were changing from the few last posts.
I will do that as well for future posts. I will more likely indicate what I changed on the body/piercings/accessories that I mostly wear like... all of the time! 'winks' Unless specified items that you will find at an event and not yet in store.
So if there's a few things that you don't find indications about in a post, must be because I already told all about it in some previous post.



*SPONSOR* [R3] - Laura Tank [V2]
Standard & Mesh Bodies
Texture Change Hud NEW @R3VOLT!


*SPONSOR* [R3] - Raelynn Shorts [V3]
Standard & Mesh Bodies
Texture, Metal Change Hud NEW @R3VOLT!

*SPONSOR* L Y R I U M Talk To The Hand 2


           *SPONSOR* L Y R I U M Talk to the Hand Pose Pack
           3 poses that come along with animation and pose balls

           and mirrors. NEW @marketplace

That's all for today!!! hope you enjoyed! Love & Peace everyone! ♥

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